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The Complete Guide to the iPad 3

The Complete Guide to the new iPad is the definitive book for Apple's brand new 'resolutionary' device

Apple’s amazing iPad device has conquered the computing market, transforming the world of desktop computing into a portable, always online, multi-touch experience that has kick-started the tech industry. Apple has sold over 55 million iPads to date, and even sold more iOS devices in 2011 than Mac computers in its whole history. Each iteration of iDevice is eagerly awaiting by both the tech industry and consumer markets, with Apple consistently introducing innovative new features that captivate consumers, and show other manufacturers the way forward. Interest levels keep on growing, with each new Apple product generating more excitement, more media coverage, and more new customers than those before. Apple’s next new iPad device features a faster processor, higher resolution display, better quality camera, Apple’s acclaimed Siri voice technology, 4G connectivity and an improved iOS operating system It is expected to become the best-selling iPad ever with some sources claiming 48 million units sold in 2012 as a ‘conservative estimate’. The Complete Guide the NEW iPad is designed to steer readers through all the amazing new features of this new device. With over 160 pages of tutorials, feature articles, accessories, app guides and reviews; this book will be of huge interest to the legions of customers queuing up to purchase a new iPad.

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